Basic Standard Premium Perpetual
Price (U$S) 28/month* 36/month* 64/month* 1800
Renewal (U$S) 28/month* 36/month* 64/month* -
Credits included 50 100 250 100
OPC Connection
Graphic Variable Report
Table Variable Report
Events Report
Events Audit
Online Support 1 year
Anual Renewal
Free Upgrades

* 36 month licensing

Each QSBatch package is licensed with a hardware key, wich is connected to the USB port located in the PC from where OPC link is made with either Scada or any supervision software that has processed data

The use of credits is calculated by the following way:
  • For each tag: 1 credit.
  • For each machine: 10 credits.
  • For each OPC linking: 30 credits.
Code Description
QSB50010 QSBatch v5.0 Ind - 100 credits - SQL - OPC.
QSB50030 QSBatch Upgrade v1.x/2.x /3.x/4.x to v5.0 Ind - 100 credits.
QSB50105 QSBatch v5.0 365 Basic - 50 credits - SQL - OPC.
QSB50110 QSBatch v5.0 365 Std - 100 credits - SQL - OPC.
QSB50125 QSBatch v5.0 365 Premium - 250 credits - SQL - OPC.
QSB50150 QSBatch v5.0 365 - 50 credits extension.

Key Manager

Licences are managed by the Key Manager, software included in the supply and allows the user to view existing licenses in each hardware key.

Key Manager is also used as an interface to upgrade and extend adquired licences.